The boudreault Family Lawful Public Land Recorder System

A Public Land recorder System for the boudreault family. All recorded Deeds, Notices and other documents in this system are recorded to the Land Jurisdiction exclusively.

About this Land Recorder System

In a normal land based world, it should be possible to easily and clearly “record” (as opposed to “register”) into the Land jurisdiction of a country or nation our various public and lawful deeds and notices and other important documents for all to be aware of.

Sadly, it has become increasingly difficult if not sometimes impossible to do so and to record anything. Most land recording systems have been removed or occulted and replaced with Land Registration Systems in it’s stead. Since Registering something is not the same thing as Recording it, it is essential for a public lawful and alive land jurisdiction man or woman to be able to record land jurisdiction public notices for the benefit of the community. Since countries and nations do not readily offer these essential service anymore as well as they should, this family public and lawful Land jurisdiction Recorder System has been setup publicly for the purpose of Remedy to the duress caused by the lack of services provided by the nation and is to be considered lawful in full in both public and private law until a proper way to achieve land jurisdiction recordings is restored in all lands of the world.

The existence of this LRS is recorded officially in various Legal Notices as well as in land publicities.

Physical Copy Requests by Mail

If you would like to receive physical copies of any recorded document in this public record, you can send a form to the bellow direction, clearly identifying the recorded IDs of the documents you wish to receive as well as 15$ CAD for each document requested to cover the mailing costs plus 15 cents CAD per page if printed in black & white or 1$ CAD per page if printed in color and the return address to send the documents to. You can send your request to:

Boudreault, Jean-Denis
c/o P. O. BOX 160
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada,
non-commercial, postal box extension [J8C-3A3]

Notice about temporary interruption of index page:

Important notice: The index page is currently down under protest because of undue influence and duress. It will come back up when it can. Public record is still online and available.